Program Highlights

Bay Area Soccer Shots - A service provided by private coaches that is an acclaimed national, noncompetitive program offered to children ages 2-8 at centers, schools, and parks throughout the local community.

Kid Power - A service provided by private coaches through the Bay Area’s Wushu Center – Summer only.

Indoor Play Environment


    • Semester I – Christmas Program
    • Semester II – Spring Program & Graduation


    • Chapel
    • Media – Movie days
    • Summer Performance – musical and BBQ
    • Thanksgiving Feast – Wise Owls
    • Mother’s Day Tea – Ladybugs, Bullfrogs, Butterflies, Wise Owls
    • Graduation – Butterflies, Wise Owls


  • 3:45pm – 4:30pm daily and includes literature, art, cooking, science, and outdoor games. Activities are hosted within the child’s classroom and follow a “theme” approach as children study early childhood literature authors and illustrators.

Outdoor Play Environment


• Gross motor development that focuses on small and large body movement through cooperative games, bikes, balls, hula hoops, ribbons, water, bean bags, jump ropes, and blocks.


• Children use their sensory elements through the imprint of texture, smell, color, sound, and taste (Louv, 2005). Garden play allows children to stretch their abilities through discovery, collaboration, and negotiation. From beginning to end children are engaged in prepping the ground, planting seeds/plants, watering, weeding, harvesting, compost, and tasting.

Playground A – Grasshoppers/Roly Poly/Caterpillars

• Gross motor development, trikes, water, and sand play (playground B).

Playground B – Ladybugs/Bullfrogs/Butterflies/Wise Owls

• Gross motor development, garden, art, water, and sand play.