Bullfrogs – 3.5-4 yr

Bullfrogs 1 Daily Schedule 2017-2018

Bullfrogs 2 Daily Schedule 2017-2018

Bullfrogs (3.5 yrs. by September 1st – 4.0 yrs.)

Our Bullfrog class continues to expose students to a foundation of learning through hands-on activities that foster social and emotional development. Bullfrogs begin the journey of advanced preschool experiences that include supportive relationships, independent thinking, engaged learning through a range of strategies, such as visual, auditory, and movement. The Bullfrog program offers language, dramatic play, outdoor play, music and movement, art, science, blocks, and chapel. Bullfrogs attend all campus special events and have two formal conferences per year to help assess development. Special events include Christmas and summer drama performances, Back to School night, Mother’s Day tea, and Teddy Bear night.