Green Campus

NCP.Green Certification Recognition eventNCP became the first “green certified” preschool in San Jose on July 9th, 2013. By achieving the “Bay Area Green Business” certification NCP is “demonstrating to the community environmental responsibility through compliance, resource conservation and pollution prevention.” Our school strives to “reduce, re-use, and recycle”, conserve energy and water, compost within our garden program, and to use non-toxic “earth friendly” materials. NCP follows biblical principles that set an example of responsibility for what God has created and given to us. As we teach children that we are caretakers of God’s amazing and wonderful creation, we instill a sense that we are precious in His eyes. We believe in respecting, loving, and honoring God, others, and ourselves (Mark 12:30, 31). Included in our care is the teaching of good habits: eating healthy, caring for our edible garden, good hygiene (brushing teeth and washing our hands before meals) and character development through scripture and practice with friends.

To support our Green Campus initiative Neighborhood Christian Preschool partners with Resource Area for Teachers. RAFT helps educators prepare kids to meet 21st Century challenges through hands-on education, which prepares kids to compete in a global market. It turns abstract and complex ideas into activities that students can grasp. It is a proven approach for engaging students and boosting subject comprehension.

RAFT provides creative ideas, affordable project materials, pre-packaged Activity Kits, one-on-one mentoring and professional development for educators who believe in the power of hands on teaching.

They serve educators who teach in the classroom, in afterschool programs, camp programs, scouting, and homeschooling.

By transforming the learning environment, RAFT helps close the achievement gap and helps students apply their knowledge to a real world environment.

Helping Educators, Students and the Planet

In addition to serving the needs of educators and students, a key tenant of RAFT's mission is to be stewards of the environment. RAFT provides educators with an abundance of affordable materials and supplies while diverting roughly 400 cubic feet of materials from landfills each and every day!